Crf250r help!!!!

hey guys this is my first ever post on tt even though i had been looking on the site back when i was in a haze of blue but now i am red lol

but anyway my crf is making what seems like excessive noise from the topend area here is a link to a video i took of it in hd

I just need someone to let me know if it is normal or not and i will really appreciate it. Thanks

I can't watch youtube because it's blocked out. Regardless, I have a good feeling that what you're hearing is the decompression pin. It's pretty loud at an idle, but as the RPM's climb, the noise goes away? If that's the case, it's totally normal. Nothing to worry about.

hey it doesnt really go away when you rev it and the link should work i just tried it

here is just the video link u put after youtube(dot)com /watch?v=-fu_dlebGe4

its the decompression pin...go ride and stop sweating little things.

i thought that too but it doesnt go away when i rev it it just gets louder

in that case might be your timing chain.

is it safe to run that way??

like will anything go wrong???

well if its rattlen then its losse whitch means it could brake then you have valves making love to your piston.

shit bro that sucks im gonna see if it gets any better i think it may be the auto cam chain tensioner but thanks for ur help and i will keep u posted. and ps could it be anything else??

could be a valve...or maybe piston slap...its really hard to say with me not seeing the bike...but hell it could also be a washer on a bolt rattlen to.

"Rattling" noise could also be exhaust valve clearance way too big. Check it to make sure it is 0.008-0.011".

Just my 2 cents.

the valves were in clearence at 008 and 006 when i checked them last and the intake were at 003 and 006

i had the same problem with my crf250x when i had it.. i am interested to find out what you guys say about bike was doing it and the valves were in spec, i ended up disengaging the auto compression release and the sound went away. its a lot harder to kick over but it was just a crf250x so it didnt really matter to much...not a lot of compression.

well i took it to the shop today to have them listen to it they said it sounded like it was coming from the bottom end they said ride it so long as theres no metal shavings in the oil filter. Well...... as soon as i got home i took out the oil filter and there were very very faint pieces of what appeared to be silver metal shaving about 1mm in size. they were barely noticeable like there werent even that many and i dont know if it is just from the break in procedure. the bike runs great it just has this wierd noise and btw i dont know if it was really metal or just some other crap that managed to get into the oil

oh and btw the new piston rings and intake valves only have about 2 hours of run time on them and i broke it in hard just like it said to on another thread. Could that be the cause of the little metal specks??

If it doesn't get any quieter after it's fully warmed up then it's probably timing chain and/or tensioner. That's a common problem that too many people let go, until it grenades the engine. If it was my bike, that's what I would check. Good luck.

hey thanks im not too sure when the tining chain was replaced it doesnt have excessive slack in it and how to u check and see if its your tensioner?? thanks

Well i finally broke down and traded it. i actually replaced the cam chain, tensioner and the balancer bearings on my 250 but it still was very loud and kinda even louder. The local shop told me it was the bottom end. I traded for a 2004 CRF450R and it was kinda beat on but nothing too bad. The only problem with it now is it has intermittent spark. I could kick start it yesterday and it would start up withing the 1st 3-5 kicks when cold and -5-10 kicks when warm because the previous owner broke the hot start cable but i replaced it now. I took off the side cover and the stator and flywheel looked good no movement of the crank at all. Apparenntly it has kibblewhite ss valves and a hotrods crank with about 10hrs on them both. 210psi compression!!! maybe even more but the little rubber thing u press into the plug hole kept slipping. It hurts my foot to kick it even with my work boots on! But anyways could the intermittant spark be the cdi box?? and i found some glitter like gold shavings in the bottom of the left cover by the plastic gear towards the front. The bike runs great and is much much faster than my 250 was. Oh and the other problem the radiator foams a bit when you rev it like white foam and i already bidded on a cdi box on ebay

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