Chain Stretch Sticker

Hi Guys!!!

Just bought a 2000 XRL about a month ago and noticed that the sticker that indicates when its time to replace the chain is missing.

Could someone tell me where the sticker is supposed to be?

Right now the rear wheel is sitting at 24 and has about 2 inches of chain slack so I was thinking about moving the wheel back a notch or two.

Thanks for the help!! :smirk:

Looking at the illustration in the owners manual, with a 110 link chain and stock 15/45 sprockets, the green/new area starts at 15. The red/replace area of the decal starts at 22/23 on the adjuster.

"Chain Stretch" is a misnomer. The side plates don't stretch, the pins and bushings wear out causing the chain to get longer because of more slack between the parts.

The owners manual does not mention an actual chain measurement, like would be done pin-to-pin for a cam chain to determine if it is within the service limit. I don't know if a tool is offered for MC chains, but Park Tool sells a go/no-go chain checker for bicycle chains that measures actual chain wear. A tool like that for MC chains could help save $$ by knowing if the chain really needs replaced.

Forget that sticker. The easiest and quickest way to check any chain is to grab it at the very back of the rear sprocket and try to pull it straight back off the sprocket. If there is a lot of play there, the chain is toast. It should stay against the sprocket teeth with little or no movement.

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