Leaking fuel

I recently did a top and bottom end job on my 01 426. When I connected the tank to the carb, I turned it on and it started leaking out of the fuel cock. I took it off and drained the gas into a gas can and it did not leak then, so I do not believe that it is bad. Maybe the carb is clogged or drain the fuel in the carb and try again?

Is the hose split ?

no, hose is good

The reason it didn't leak is likely because there was no pressure on the leak point, since you were draining the tank. If you had plugged the end of the hose it might have leaked just like when the float needle closed and stopped the flow of fuel into the carb. A carb problem will not make the petcock leak.

There's a packing seal and o-ring you can buy to re-seal the petcock.

3AC-24523-00-00 packing seal

3AJ-24534-01-00 o-ring

and you might as well replace the petcock base gasket part# 4X8-24512-00-00

Having attempted to reseal a YZ petcock before, I think you'll find it simpler just to replace it.

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