Seat height is wrong. Majorly...

So the seat height on my RM is a 35.4 when it is supposed to be 37.4(or somewhere around there). I've done almost everything to raise it but it just wont gain height. Every time I hit a jump my muffler hits the tire, scratching the sides and I also bottom out. Any other ideas to raise the seat height to the correct height?

Yes. Increase the preload on the shock spring. It's too soft.

Maybe you have the wrong shock and full extension is shorter than stock?

Everything is set to be at the maximum and the shock height is the correct height. I checked around and it was 19 3/4ths

And would how would pre loading it give me 2 more inches?

was it ever at that seat height? I think since you're just twisting and turning whatever, you're going to make the bike feel even worse. get the correct spring & set your sag.

it was never there but the 01-08 shock is the same length as the 98' I don't understand why I'm not getting the right height.

And would how would pre loading it give me 2 more inches?

'cause it's sagging 2" under its own weight.

Have you checked the sag while sitting on the bike?

how much do you weigh? you are most likely going to need a new spring...

The sag is set so there is no sag. How do I pre load it? And I only weigh 148.

Even when I'm not sitting on the bike it's at 35 inches

As Padgett said I would check the "dogbones"/"wishbones" to see if someone changed to extended ones to lower seat height.

If not, you need a new spring.

If I remember right,,,Isn't this the Frankenstein bike that you pieced together from a few major changes in years? I mean like 86 bike with a 01 shock or something like that?

I think you may be fighting a losing battle if this is the case.

Get some close up pics of the shock with spring and the spanner nuts location. Also get some of the shock linkage with the clevis and such. If a 86 clevis is two inches shorter that and 01's then that would throw you off.

To start off what should the length be for the dog bones? Also, I'm using a 98' shock on a 07' frame. Nothing on it is an 86'

yeah, I couldn't remember all the details, I just remember it being vast years in difference. I would look for someone to measure an 07 shock clevis. What linkage and swing arm are you using the 07 or 98?

are the clevis the "dog bone" looking things?

clevis is on the very bottom of the shock where the rebound adjuster is. I assume you all are talking about part of the linkage being the Dog bones things?

well uhh this is embarrassing.

just took pics of the linkage and of the retainer clips. Will be uploading them soon.

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