I need a new fill side radiator

2001 DRZ 400 Kick only. Put a hole in my right side radiator and am looking for a replacement. My question is whether or not the radiators from other model DRZ's will work. If I can't find a cheap replacement I will send it to Mylers.

I believe that the kicker models as well as the older "e" models have a different coolant flow and hose configuration. The coolant flows in parallel through the radiators vs. the "s" model where it flows first through one radiator and then through the second, in series. So in answer to your question, no, I don't think rads from an s or sm will work for you.

Thanks Steve. Sounds like mylers. It's unbelieveable what a new radiator costs.

Don't think those are the correct ones the early E's and kickers I thought only have one outlet on the fill side bottom. Bought a new one for my 2000 e and it came with 2 outlets on the bottom and mine had only 1 and a friends 2003 e had the radiator with 2

Thanks Steve. Sounds like mylers. It's unbelieveable what a new radiator costs.

that's why a large bunch of us run the unabiker radiator guards.you might want to invest in a set after you get your radiators sorted.

One way you can check for OEM parts compatability is to look at the OEm section in the Thumpertalk Store and compare part numbers.

go Myler's...EASY choice.


Thanks for all the input. I talked to a buddy with amazing aluminum welding skills and he got her patched together. Still warped, but not leaking. I'll use the messed up one until I find a deal on ebay. Until then, fingers crossed.

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