89 wrk 250 cagiva

Hi,I have a 1989 wrk 250 cagiva/husky that was running very well till it started to blow heaps of smoke,the compression is way down but I cant find rings in Australia.Anyone know of a source of this year in the states as I must have the only one in Australia.Any thoughts would be great.

sounds like a blown tranny side crank seal.

Thanks heaps,Looks like thats the direction to take .the bike in my profile picture is the one im talking about,Thanks again.

As stated probably the gear-box side crank seal,

your bike was badged both Cagiva and Husky,

parts are out there.. ,

the seal should only be a few bucks from a bearing retailer.

I had my Cagiva for 21 years,

so know about the parts situation..,


i could possibly source parts for your bike, here in uk, parts are widely available from husky sport whom order directly from husqvarna in italy ? pm me if your interested

Thanks charlie ,The hard part is finding the tools to split the case if I have to.,,,,, do I ?Have you done this job on your bike?My manual skips over the topic when it comes to replacing the seals.

Hi ,

personally ,

I would consider removing the clutch and then prising the seal out,

the seal should be under the clutch basket and the before ( next to) the Crankshaft main bearing..

As supply of motor parts is an issue.. if not a GREAT expense, the less removed the better,


Charlie ,Exelent work.Seal cost 6 bucks, and the old girl runs like a stripper to a dying billionaire!!!!!!!Thanks again. Top bloke advice.

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