2009 DRD Exhaust Parts

Does anyone have an aluminum can for a 2009 DRD exhaust that they would be willing to sell? I blasted a hole in my carbon fiber can and I contacted DRD and they want me to send it back and won't repair it but would be willing to give me 20% off (or more if they deem it factory defect which I doubt after a full season on it) on a new muffler. They also wouldn't sell me a can separately for whatever reason. I never would have bought a CF exhaust because I know these materials fail eventually over time even when properly packed (I repacked this every 15 hours). I believe the previous owner of the exhaust may have baked it once making it brittle. Rather than spend $330 (20% off a $410 muffler) I'd buy a different exhaust not being overly impressed with the service at DRD, not that it's bad but I really struggle to understand why they won't just sell me a can. On a side note anyone have any performance input on the MRD exhausts on a 09 YZ450 as well?

I have a full system I would be willing to part with. PM sent.

I appreciate it but I'm just looking for the can if possible. If I'm going to spend significant money I'm going to go with the MRD exhaust. Thanks for the response though. I emailed MRD tonight, way after hours, and I got a response within 5 minutes. Now that's customer service.

I'm getting an MRD exhaust, next big purchase for my bike, don't have any info for you however on performance.

I wanted to close this thread by saying I did sent my exhaust back to DRD hesitantly because I was afraid it was going to be too much to repair. They called me the other day and said they would replace my broken carbon fiber exhaust with an aluminum exhaust with pro packing installed for $110. I couldn't have been more happy with DRD and their customer service once I sent the exhaust back. I was very happy because the performance was very good on the 09 YZ exhaust and I was worried about switching to another brand I was not familiar with. I would highly recommend DRD after this experience.

Good to hear!


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