xr250 parts

Is there a market for xr250 parts? My neighbors son is off to jail and he offered to give me his bike (engine out). I will grab it if people are looking for parts (cheap) No I don't know the year but I will look.

yes, there is a market for XR parts.

Why is he going to jail? Not for borrowing bikes?

No Arson.

I need a headlight assembly and cylinder head to frame/backbone brackets (2001 xr250)

let me know if you get it and what you need for the parts


First, what year is it?(if you know)

I have a 97xr250

I'd be interested in the airboot assembly if it isn't dry rotted...I guess the airbox too if that would make it easier/more worth your time...(but I only "need" the airboot.)

will the wheels fit a xr400? if they aren't too banged up and are "true-able" I might be interested in those... the shipping would probably kill that deal tho.

stock wiring(all of it)

theres more I'll think of.... need to know the year tho.


I need the header for my 95

I need the tool bag / kit. If it's still there.

I need a stock muffler!

If it's a 1996+ I'll be willing to take the cylinder and complete top end if in good condition. No others on eBay ATM.

If you are looking to recoup the most money in the shortest time, you might sell it as-is. Parting out a bike usually gives more money in the end but it takes a lot of time and effort and there's always some odd bits that nobody wants.

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