how much $ could I get.

I want to sell my 99 RM 125. I'm going orange and not exactly proud of it but I'm spending more time fixing it than riding. This bike was maintained religiously, and has the standard bolt on up grades, revalved suspension and a custom long rod kit I did.

I was thinking 1300. Is this going to be possible

maybe if the bike is MINT. More likely than not your only going to get 800-1000 IMO

Between $800-$1,000 what he said ^^^^^^

crap. I wonder if its even worth it

that sucks, hear in Australia you could get $2000+ easy

I'd keep it for 800 bucks its a good backup bike if your new one goes down its nice to ride when parts are on order

you should be proud in the fact that you are going orange.. They make some awesome bikes,

Try to sell it but if you don't get what you want just keep it

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