Help.... PHULEASEEEeeeee!! 2010 Rmz450

Hi guys first off i wanna say thanks for taking your time to read this!!

ok i bought my bike from an AMA pro rider (Jason Thomas).

now they set the bike up for supercross and i noticed that the if i case a jump even a small one the bike bounces me off of it!!

and my suspension was done by factory connection and i called them today and the desk guy was saying how i should go softer 2 clicks and if that doesnt work i should go harder 2 clicks.

i thought i needed to adjust the rebound to go up slower so it wont bounce me off of it!

i thought maybe bec the bike is setup for supercross the rebound is set to be quicker so they can have the shock available right away for whoops or rhythms.

im just puzzled and need help i already crashed twice casing jumps :smirk:

the bike bounces me so much that i loose the handlebars and i fly off the bike.

any help would be highly appreciated !!!


are the springs close to your weight? sometimes supercross will go up in springs

rate. post all your clicker settings f/r, and spring rates and sag#'s

thanks for the reply.

ok they set the sag for me so im at 102 if im not mistaken

there is a sticker on the bike but its on the front fork and here are the specs

compression 10

rebound 12

oil level 375

spring rate 48

fork height 2 mm

hope this helps oh and BTW i way 170 with out gear and Jason Thomas weighs 165

so i think were kinda on the same weight.

oh and BTW i think this is just for the front forks because i haven't seen any sticker next to the rear shock!


Maybe you need to soften the compression a couple clicks. I would soften it a few clicks, see how it works, if it is worse, try the other direction. You may also need to make changes to the rebound as well.

I would hate to ride a pro sx bike , the rear rebound will be really slow and compression

really stiff and springs too stiff , try softer on compression by at least 6 clicks and make the rear rebound faster by 3 clicks at first then another 3 if it feels better

yea the forks should be softer by at least that.

on the fork reb. you'll probably like it at 10-12.

this is an rmz450?

on the shock, count the clicks for the reb/comp and the hc adjuster.

your sag looks good.

like mog says, you may want to speed up reb slightly, start at 12 out

with the ls, i would start at 16 out , and the hc adjuster at 3 turns out.

see if that helps a bit.

probably need to get it redone...I also recall hearing thomas had a really odd set up that most people don't like.

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