modding in reverse, jetting ?

Long story short, recently bought a 2005 S as my first bike. Came equipped with a full Yosh RS-3 and jetted with a DJ kit (Mikuni carb, 134 main, 22.5 pilot, keintech screw 2-3/4 turns out, 4th clip from the top on the needle). When i heard knocking from the engine, took it to the shop, and they said the PO had possibly seized the engine (?) and put the wrong size piston in on rebuild. The cheapest route was to bore it and put in a 94.5 piston. So now i have a 440. :smirk: Didn't do any re-jetting (per the shop) as the bike ran fine. I now want to do the 3x3 mod and add a K&N air filter and am looking for ideas on what jet size to go with. I figured i'd just order some stock mikuni jets (150, 152.5, 155) and see which worked best. I ride in the bay area, from 0-4000 feet and ride fairly aggresively, mainly on the street. Thanks in advance for any help. You will be rewarded with a solid high 5!

i beleive with a big bore your lookin at around 148-150 main,,others are gonna have to chime in though...since i dont have that set up

Try 155mj

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