woods + trials tires.

my buddy had a rear trials tire on his KTM 300, I don't know what manufacture it was & he recently got rid of it. I was looking into picking one up for my CRF450r considering I only ride hare-scrambles and enduro's.. absolutely no track. thoughts?

there are no 19" TT's, you'd have do a 18 rim. There are 19" tires that look like tt tread but not the same.

They hook up like spiderman but do take some getting used to in fast corners.

They hook up like spiderman but do take some getting used to in fast corners.

thats what he said! haha that sucks they only come in 18", i guess thats what he had.

They hook up like spiderman but do take some getting used to in fast corners.

That is an excellent description.

Get an 18 rim if ur gonna run one. the whole point of a trials tire is to flex like an sob around stuff. thin sidewall defeats this. plus just increases the chance of a pinch of rim dent.

With regards to an 18, there is such a thing as to much traction and a trails tire is it. u can not be sloppy because there is no spin at all... it just goes,

Hey, no need to go 18 any more ,--VEE-RUBBER has come out with a 19 trails tire , I think the price was 79 or 89 dollars , seen it on the NCHSA web site V.E.R. Vance Earl Racing is selling them , His web site is V.E.R. I think down in Shelby NC. go to the NCHSA site and look at the links or sponsors , Hope this helps.

I have a 450R with the stock 19 inch wheel and also a 18 inch warp 9 wheel. I have used Dunlop 803 trials tires on the warp 9 wheel and keep a bridgestone 404 knobbie on the 19 incher.... The dunlop works like magic.

I did recently buy a 18 inch shinko trials tire and have it spooned on but haven't ridden it yet. From what I can see, the tread is not as tall as on the dunlop, it is about 3/4th the tread depth of the dunlop, also the side knobs are rounded like a knobbie and not square like a traditional Trials tire. The rubber is grippy and very soft like the dunlop. Bought one from Rockymountain a few weeks ago on sale, was less than 40$....

Also I have seen the Vee rubber 19 inch trials tire. It looks like a good tire. It has just as much sidewall as the dunlop does, which is good, but bear in mind it will mean your bike will sit slightly higher in the back with this tire as it is overall a taller tire than a typical 19 inch knobby.

I run the trials tires on just about everything, I just switch out to the knobbies for specific conditions ( and almost always wish I had left the trials tire on instead..... )

TTs are available in radial and bias ply construction, as in other types of tires the best for traction is radial ply construction. Michelin sells bias and radial rear TTs, the Dunlop 803 for the rear is radial, the MT43 is bias ply, etc. A radial tire will have "R" in the size, e.g. 4.00R18. One problem is the soft sidewalls on Competition Trials Tires, the result of design for a light weight bike used at low speeds. Run low pressure in these on a typical dirt bike and they fell squirmy at speed. I have Dunlop 803s on two dirt bikes that I run at 6psi and they seem OK for road sections, I have a Michelin X-11 on a Trials bike and although it has a softer sidewall it is OK on pavement because of the lighter bike weight and slower speeds. The plus for the X-11 is its fantastic traction.

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