CR125/250 project questions

I am converting a 1996 CR125 to a CR250 and need some help with a few items. I already have another frame (95) and a 95 engine, my questions are: What is the differences between the 125 carb and the 250 carb? Would rejetting the 125 carb work on the 250 engine? Will the 125 radiators cool the 250? Will the 125 ignition work on the 250? Thanks for any help.

What is the best model/year carb that will work on the 95 engine?

Good question, actually. The newer PWK28 carbs are much better than a 90's PJ28. Don't know what the "exact" best year or if a larger carb would be better or not. I do know that it's a pretty common upgrade.

Anybody else on the carbs? How about the CDI unit? Thanks

This is just opinion but you should be able to use the 125 carb on the 250. If there are differences between the 2 it would be that one is a 38mm carb and the other is a 36mm carb. So if the 125 has a 36mm carb, you would lose a little overall power but have better low end throttle response on the 250. They will both be keihin pj carbs so all you would need to do is jet them for the bike and ride. I don't know anything about the CDI's though.

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