2000 yz426f problems

So my buddy has had his 426 since last year and recently it is havin some problems..

ive checked the timing, cleand the carb, jetted, checked valve clearences, fluid levels.

okay so just recenty his 426 has been getting real hot real fast, maybe its normal but the header and engine gets too hot to touch within like 3 min.

also the idle seems to be irratic, ie it idles fine one min then when he slows down it will be too low and stall his bike...

and lastly the bike just randomly cuts out and dies... then its hard to start for a little bit. and just doesnt run right?

any ideas?

Check the valve timing, it may have jumped.

where in Pa are you?

right outside pittsburgh, 15108.

I'm up in Erie. I have a 2000 yz426. I would redo the timing once more. Does it have stock cams?

the timing is perfect though, and no it has hotcams in it.

Maybe TPS sensor?

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