New TTR-50 Won't Start

So i just bought a used 07 TTR-50 from a friend of mine, it has sat since last summer full of gas and with the key on. The battery is dead, i checked voltage and got 1.4V. I tried to bump start it in 2nd and third gear and it was no go. I went out and bought a Battery Tender Jr. but it doesn't detect batteries that are less than 3V of charge.

So i assume the battery is now trash, but since it won't bump start am i to assume its something else as well?

Thanks any help is appreciated.


Replace the battery, see what you have after that. 4T's with 12v ignitions (CDI) often won't start with a dead battery in the circuit. Trying to get it going without the battery is hard on the regulator and CDI. While you're at the dealer, pick up replacement pilot and main jets. My guess is that you'll need to replace them and also clean the carb, but if you don't need them now, they'll be useful in the future when someone forgets to put the bike away dry.

Battery: GT4B-5 GS 4JS-82100-01-00

PJ: (# 12.5) 1P6-14142-12-00

MJ: (# 62.5) 18A-1414A-63-00

Thanks man you were very helpful.


You can try jumping the battery with the battery tender connected (do not try to start it!), this might trick the battery tender into charging the battery. However, it's most likely toast. But it's a free shot, so you may as well take it.

Batteries for those are only about $35, so not as bad as bigger bikes. You definitely need a new pilot, one size bigger than stock.

I was quoted 69 dollars at the local dealer. Some on eBay cheaper though. Now mine won't even crank over while being jumped. Has no power

If it will not crank over while the jumper cables are connected something else is wrong...

Its most likely a popped fuse.. Check the fuse in the little battery connecter.

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