CR250R exhaust leak

i have a 2001 cr250r with oil leaking between the header and silencer and out of the cylinder head, i believe the cylinder head is bad o-rings, and idk what i need to do about the header and silencer problem..... any suggestions????

Same exact thing on my 1986 :S I Doubled up a new gasket and the old one for the header and it stopped leaking ever since, but then the muffler one started leaking more! I wonder if it just needs a new gasket/o ring for it :-/

I suggest new o-rings and then use some red (heat resistant) silicone gasket cement as well.

I find this works well.

Also make sure your silencer is lined up to be fitting squarely into the exhaust port.

One last thing, make sure you have the steel ring inserted before you fit the silencer.

work on getting the jetting corrected, then you won't have spooge coming out of the cylinder. Your too rich somewhere. That black stuff is unburnt fuel/oil

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