Hiller (Trails in Cadillac)

The trails in Cadillac were full of mud, I ended up riding the 4-Wheeler! I think I am going to wait until the next holiday weekend. I'll be on vacation then. The weather man predicted snow up there Monday and Tuesday. Highs in the 30's. What do you think? I'm crazy but not insane !!!! :)


a couple of my buddies were suppose to go to

higgins lake on saturday,i couldnt make it,

wish i could have,one guy took his virgin

wr250f,havent heard how it went.


I can say one thing. At least the snow is all gone. My WR is a virgin also. As far as the Polaris goes thats a few years old and I use it for deer hunting. It behaves in the heavy sloppy mud! I need to get more experience with the bike. Although I had a YZ400 last year and that thing kicked ass! :)


Dennis, I rode in Lewiston and Mio Friday, Sat, and Sun. The weather and conditions were PERFECT, we had a great time. Some of the trails had trees laying across them, the DNR hasn't been out yet to clear them. But, the trees make a fun obstacle!!

There was very little snow on the trails and no water or mud at all. The best part is that with the small amount of rain Friday night, there wasn't any dust all day Sat. What a great weekend.

I know you guys don't want to hear this, but, this was my new KTM 520 EXC's virgin trail ride, what a bike :)

Mr. Hiller, what made you decieded to buy a KTM over the WR? Where did you find it in Southeast Michigan? I got my WR from Cement City. :)


I called about 40 dealerships in Mi, In, Oh, and Il. I finally found a 520 EXC in Oshawa, Ontario. Thats a 5 hour drive each way for me!!

I actually had a WR ordered in Mio, but decided to go with the KTM. Why? Electric start and still 248 lbs. After about 200 miles on the bike, I can safely say that I will never buy another bike without electric start. I think my riding buddies hate me now, they all want to steal my "magic" button. :)

I don't know dude. I can go out in the garage on the coldest of days, twist the wick twice and the Yamaha fires rite up. Now don't get me wrong, KTM makes a real fine machine. I was interested in one but couldn't find one or a dealer that carried one. My 98 YZ was a pain in the ass! Swore I would never buy another Yamaha. But I did. People tell me that the Lord will forgive, but when I race them I kick there ass. Don't need forgiveness for that. :) What do you think? Maybe someday we can meet up north some time and go riding. Catch me if you can...

Dennis :D

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