Help! Front Brake Pad Support Spring


I've been installing an EBC oversized front rotor on my wr426. In the process I lost the small leaf spring that sits on the top side of the brake pads. Yamaha refers to the bottom leaf spring as a "pad support". Problem is that the top "pad support" is not listed anywhere in the assembly drawing of the front brake caliper. Mechanics at my local shop had no clue yet one can clearly see this part on every WR or YZ when you look at where the top of the brake pads sit in the caliper mounting bracket. Does anyone know how neccessary this component is and if it is included with a new set of brake pads or with a new caliper?

Thanks for the help.

They are not included with brakes. I replaced one of the spring clips/ pad supports and they are made of stainless steel cossting $5 to $10 each. They act as a shim between the aluminum casting and the brake pad end. They are also referred to as an anti-rattle clip.

I would recommend replacement to prevent unecessary wear to the brake caliper.

As far as I can determine, the top pad support for the front brake is not sold separately. The top one is also a holder for the brake pads and does not allow the pads to slide past the inner edge of the caliper. I need a new one, too and can't find a part number for it on any parts diagram. You get one if you buy a new caliper. $$$ :)

If I'm wrong, please someone let me know and give me the part number for it.

I was in the same boat as you when i hit a log and broke the carrier and wrapped my caliper up in the spokes. No part number from Yamaha but Honda has a part number and it is an exact fit.

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