KX 85 and 100 noise

i have a brand new kx 86 with 6 hours on it and it is making a grinding noise and sounds like bad bearing where the power valve arm goes into the case and at the power valve and on the 100 it the same but only where it goes into the case cover. if anyone has any ideas please share them

have you had it apart? I have never heard a noise like you describe. I have heard a clicking type noise when the bikes are new. There is nothing in the valve itself that can make a grinding noise. the pv governor unit rides in a couple bearings and the shaft for the actuator contacts the gear on the governor. Being as you are getting the same noise on both bikes, I will assume that what you are hearing is normal.

I was like a nervous hen around my kids bikes with all the weird noises coming out of the motors. We race old stuff compared to the kids he races against. Thankfully after a few years and some money, my kid is pretty in tune to when something isn't quite right in the motor.

Unless I see steam or smoke coming out I leave it up to him whether or not it's going amiss.

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