Left side cover mag or alum?

My 06 250X motor has the mag colored left side cover. Were they changed to silver like the 450X at some year? I looked at my parts book and it looks like the part number is the same through 2008, changing for 2009. Bottom line is.....I'd like to change the original one that's scratched up for a silver one. Unless it's the only way I'm not really interested in trying to strip it.

I was wondering the same thing but I think its going to be expensive to make the change.

i know your not interested in stripping it,but you could strip it easily with a wire brush on a grinder and that would buff the scratches out as well...i dont remember exactly how much it was{i think 180$ or maybe 230$}but i hit a rock and cracked my left side cover and checked to buy a new one...ended up getting mine welded,i did the clean up work my self to cut down on the cost of getting exotic metal welded,the grey comes off very easy with a wire brush

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