Front sprocket washer?

Hello all. Was checking out the front sprocket on my 99 yz125 when i noticed that the washer/clip is bent:

Stupid image hoster wont show it fullsize when using the thumbnail


If i recall correctly those are not normal washers from the hardware store? Its been a long time since ive messed with sprockets. Is there a special name for them? I poked around a bit on a few bike websites and could not find any that seemed to match. I currently do not have enough funds to just get new chain/sprockets. Any additional info would be much appreciated :smirk:

It is supposed to be like that. You are right, these aren't normal washers. They have the splines stamped out and fit snug over the shaft. Once the nut is tight, the ear is folded over (like you see there) to keep the nut from backing off.

Ah awesome thanks. Last time i did a set of sprockets was on a 1985 xr80 when i was like 11yo...and my dad did most the work. Im gonna order a manual for my bike today so ill have a better idea of these simple mundane things.

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