The Steel Horse Avengers are coming. Godly warriors on motorcycles who wages war against evil, and to bring the message of the end of the world , each bike has a name (Archangel the white horse) (Venom the black horse) ( Crimson Knight red horse) & (Pale's End pale horse) the darkest of the four. each rider has a special skills and ability to fight evil, and of course they ride and fight like no other, The group is also known as The Steel Horsemen, Based on the Four Horseman of the APOCALYPSE.( Question is, what kind of motorcycles do you think they should ride and why) open for suggestions.. Edited by thomas1970
Its does not make sense.

W t f?????

W t f?????

+1 :smirk:

what just happened?

Thats stupid...

Are you the guy with the whip on


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