06 yz 250f header

Hi all

have a complete big gun exhaust system with the quiet core insert,find it's loud for my trailriding

figured i would by a stock wr 250 exhaust,but with the aftermarket header pipe it's too short.

don't have the stock header,but it looks like the 06 header was different than the 07 and newer.anybody know if the wrs will work?or other suggestions?


Do not go back to a stock WR exhaust!!! Have ridden a WR with stock exhaust? It's horrible! Get a FMF Q4 or get a stock YZ exhaust. Does your Big Gun need repacking?

yeah brand new packing,i have a 290 kit,and williams motowerx headwork,was figuring i could sacrifice a bit of hp for quiet

NOOOO!!! Thats like having a top fuel dragster engine and putting on an exhaust from a Geo Metro or something. The motor needs to breath especially with those mods. You will probably have some jetting issues running such a restricted exhaust system

i'll have to start pricing around for a Q4 or similar,thanks

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