Thinking about a supermotard kit, questions!!

Thinking about this kit,

And curious what tires I should go with and what choice of sprocket I should get for highway use, considering I don't wanna swap out my drive sprocket every time. Any input would be nice, but I'm thinking Avon distanzias and a rear 38 tooth sprocket. Then I can keep my 14 tooth drive sprocket on.


Please help with the choices!!

249ea444.jpg oh and this is her!

check out eddie up at Epic Motosports, his kit is practically identical (i think the fender might be different) and it's cheaper.

no idea on the sprockets though.


Avon diztanzias should be great or so I've read on here. I'm going to those next from michellin pilot powers. They look pretty cool too.

I have a 15 41 and it feels great on the highway. Its about the same gearing that you have.

I also switch to a 16 41 but the rpm sweet spot seems a tad too fast on the highway for me.

Thanx, never thought about Eddie, I'll check it out. And with the gear ratios, I want to keep the 14 on the front cause I will be swapping back and forth and my dirt setup is about right, what speed is the bike happy with the 15/41 setup? I'm guessing 14/38 will be similar?

I found that with 15 41 the sweet spot is at the speed limit lol so I vote 15 41. I have a 470 so you know its even sweeter.

I have the SM model and I put the Avon Distanzas on. Awesome tire, they have plenty of grip for the road but I find they work exceptionally well off road, nothing to wild but great for fire roads and quad trails. Only the future will tell what they are like for durability but so far im 100% sold on them and the bike!

I think 15 41 is approximatelty 14 39 so you should b good.

I have nothing against motostrano, but my friend ordered that same barebones kit for his 400s and it took a month until the kit arrived....for an rmz 450. so he sent them back. It took him almost two months to get the right kit...

Try Epic

Am still shopping but do appreciate the options, I think 3 teeth in the rear is about one in the front?? I really don't understand why the Warp 9 kits come with such large sprockets, wheelies all day I guess? And the warp 9 rear sprocket won't fit on my drz wheel anyways will it??

Oh and am not sure if a 150 will fit in the rear swing arm, Epic's kit says it comes with a 150? Have to check that too, and no choice on tires??

150 will fit. What tires come with the wheels? Most likely something good like Conti's.

The tire is the conti, and I thought I read somewhere that only a 140 would fit in the S swingarm? I guess must have misread that?

And gearing I must be close enough, where is the power on a 15/41, like what speed is that ratio happy?? Anybody try a 14/39 or 14/38??

150 fits fine. many people run 160's.

the kit does come with conti's but we can mix and match to however you need it.

Eddie you are the man, what sprocket choices are there, did I read somewhere that the warp 9's use ktm sprockets? I am thinking I will run a 38, or 39. And probably some avon distazias, and I'm guessing the tires are loose in this kit aswell?

And gearing I must be close enough, where is the power on a 15/41, like what speed is that ratio happy?? Anybody try a 14/39 or 14/38??

I don't understand your question... a DRZ will be happy with any ratio at any speed up to the rev limiter. It's all about application; what are you going to be doing? If you do more highway, taller gearing is preferable. If you're not doing so much high speed, you can get by with shorter gearing. 15/41 is good for pretty general street riding... you can do 70mph or better with that gearing rather comfortably. 15/41 and 14/38 are practically identical, ratio-wise.

Just need to find out where the sweet spot is with the 15/41 ratio, so I can decide what rear to go with.

But what "sweet spot" are you looking for? Is there a specific speed you have in mind that you'll be riding at frequently?

That's all I needed to know, I really wont be doing too much speed but want to be able to go at least 70mph, that's enough. So I think I have the gearing chosen, now just gotta figure out the tires, and what sprocket to order for the warp 9.

I think 15/41 will work just fine for you. If you're going to order the wheels from Eddie, I'm sure he'll be able to provide them with whatever sprocket you want, as well.

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