Two bikes for one

Having a great couple of weeks. Sold my upgraded 05 drz 400 s (with questionable history) for a $250 profit. (and 8 months of problem free riding) Purchased a cherry 01 xr 200 r for $850, and yesterday bought an 05 bone stock drz 400 e (almost showroom condition with 5 hrs/ 70 miles on her) for $2200. Paperwork showed she was bought in 08 as a multiple year left over. The guy then purchased a Harley and got in an accident. It was sitting in his garage for another year and a half. He paid for a shop to put in a new battery and they replaced the carb float valve. It now looks and runs as new. I may have to plate this one. Vt. &/or Co., I hear are two of the easiest states. I'm looking forward to learning from you people how to perform the necessary mods (top of list: skid, rad guards, case guards, & locktite fix) that will help to make both of these bikes more reliable, perform better, and more enjoyable to ride. Thanks in advance, Dave:banana:


I recently plated my E in colorado, It used to be easier (just sign a form) now you need an inspection. but no turn signals (hand signals) and the stock E headlight is fine... so not too bad.

DOT tires



brake light

are all you need to add here.

Idaho is real simple. Just sign a form.. no inspection. mirror, brake light, horn.

New York is not that bad, either. I know, shocked!

I put an RM-250 on the street, man that is FUN!

You need a CO, a certified wieght (for the title), bill of sale, and and insurance card.

For inspection: DOT tires, horn, tail light, brake light (F/R), high/low beam, turn signals, and a speedo.

Ride safe!


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