noob drz jetting question

I appreciate anyones help I did search without any success. I'm trying to find the correct main jet size for an 02 drz400s, stock pipe, end cap, air filter. I installed a dynojet stage 1 (3109) in stock carb, Keintech fuel screw (about 2.75 turns out), 22.5 pilot. air box opened to 3x3, right now running the stock 142.5 main with air box taped to about 1"x3" in order to keep it from bogging badly. sea level, temps 40-90 deg F.

What size main should I run in order to open up the box to 3x3. thanks in advance. this is driving me crazy, GAP

I forgot to add that the dynojet needle was used and the clip is in the 4th groove from the top, as the instructions state. I guess I'm also asking for suggestions regarding the clip position and the main jet. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

150 main jet.

many many thanks. i do appreciate your time.

150 main jet.

main 150 from mikuni or a 150 from dynojet??? is this jet is ok for montreal? i think the elevation is beween 0-500 but i'm not sure. 20 to 35 degree celcius. i have drz 400s 2007, 3x3 mod and end cap from exhaust removed.

ok, I have installed the 150 main and it runs very well now except there is now a surge when the throttle is held just above idle. should I maybe try a different setting on the needle? or an even higher (like a 155) main. my thought is that at this little amount of throttle its not even on the main enough to make a difference? am I crazy?

anyone have any suggestions? maybe raise the needle a 1/2 position?

anyone have any suggestions? please?

Im planning to pull the carb again tonite and would like any suggestions to help with the slight off idle bog and partial throttle surge that I still get. should I go with a 25 pilot jet or maybe adjust the needle? any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks in advance

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