getting familiarized

Hi! I know this might be an easy one for you most here just got an USD front fork from a 2004 WR 450F to adapt on my old XR 250, I am kind of slow with USD forks, I mean I do understand how they work:banghead: but they have some things a 1995 convectional fork dont have:busted:

on the upper part there are two cap/screws one is a rebound adjuster screw I guess and the other is??:smirk:

at the bottom what is that, what does it make hard or softens??



Yes, one of the upper screws is your rebound adjustment screw. Turning it in will "slow" or stiffen your rebound. The other screw is an air bleed screw. You put your bike up on an engine stand and remove this screw to let out any built up air pressure inside your forks.

On the underside of your forks is the compression adjuster. Turning this in will "slow" or stiffin" your compression damping. Maniac

in order to have an idea for the proper tuning of this forks, at gravel terrain with some loose stones (fairly flat car-accessible road) should I start with a quick/soft compression and a medium rebound?, right?

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