1992 wr250 changing to PWK what baseline jetting?

I have a wr250 motor I am using for a project.

1)year/make/model: 1992/yamaha/wr250 smoker

2)conditions (elevation,temp,humidity if extreme,type of riding): sea level, going to run summer time so 75 to 95 degrees, street riding

3)modifications (pipe,air box,motor):FMF fatty pipe, uni double layer filter (up4245AST), stock reeds, motor bought used, know 6 hours on top end stock bore.

4)current jetting: - just got the Keihin PWK carb on ebay from an 2003 KTM 250sx



Needle… N3CH ??– 5 clip positions, currently on 4th from needle side

Slide #65

5)running issue that is trying to be cured: bike is not currently running, looking for a starting point for my location/motor.

bueller? anyone..anyone?

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