Vortex Ignition

Is anyone using the New Vortex Ignition on their 2011 CRF 450 yet. If so what are the results and setting? We are building a 62+ HP engine for flattrack racing. Would be Thankfull for any GOOD advice. Thank You,:smirk:

I dont have one on an 11 but I am running one on an 09 and really like it. I do woods and some mx with a stock motor so I cant really comment on the modified stuff. Mine helped with starting (one kick starts for hs) and after a little tweaking it completely eliminated stalling in tight woods. It seems to be a quality piece and I would recommend it. The only minor thing i have which probably wouldnt effect you is that the traction maps did not "detune" the motor to the extent which i expected. I was told it would do the same as adding a flywheel weight. It is a little milder than stock but the final result is not near as drastic as an actual flywheel weight. Overall I would still give it a thumbs up for sure. The distributor seems very hlpful which is always a plus.

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