02 yamaha wr426f?

i'm 16, 175cm, and 65kg. from australia. in the market for a good 450 4-stroke. had my eye on an 02 yamaha wr426f for a bit, sound pretty good. yoshi pipe, recent engine rebuild.. for $3500AUD. i will most likely be spending most of the time riding to school etc, but also love tight tracks where i can go fast and hard. would this bike be suitable for this kind of thing? is there anything specific i should look for when buying/avoid this bike altogether?

cheers in advance guys, big help! :smirk:

I own a 2001 WR426. The bike has been rock solid reliable. It has plenty of power throughout...low, mid, to high rpm. I just bought a 2007 KTM 300 XC, which is really a better trail bike (much lighter and better handling), but I have decided to keep the WR...thats how much I like the bike. However, you are only 143lbs, which is quite small for the 268 lb(with fluids) WR426...thats almost double your weight. The WR will be really heavy and cumbersome if you plan on riding motocross tracks...its a trail bike which comes with a light, kickstand, coolant overflow, and a wide range transmission (hence the name WR). If you want to ride motocross tracks, buy a motocross bike. If you want to ride to and from school, buy a dual sport or possibly a street bike. The problem is that one bike wont be optimal for both the road and the track. Alot of people ride trail bikes (ie. WR, CRF, EXC) on the trail and road, but not typically motocross bikes.

thanks for your reply. i have ridden many 450 enduros, trails, and motocross bikes, and honestly the weight is not really an issue. i have a fair bit of upper body strength for my size/age and can control these bikes.

Ok. I can tell you from experience, that WR426 will wear you out. Of course, its your money.

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