Baja Designs wiring diagram?

Does anyone have, or know where to get, a wiring diagram for a Baja Design DS kit? I've torn mine down to rework everything (i.e. get rid of all the crappy bulky switches) and I'm down to the last two wires. It's the high-beam wires. There's a yellow and a green wire. When it's not on high-beam, there's power to the green, when the high-beam is on, there's power to the yellow, but not the green. I'm trying to figure out what these two wires do exactly. I'm thinking the yellow powers the relay since it clicks when there's power applied, but I have no idea what the green does since the low-beam works fine without the green??? So, anyone know or have a diagram?

The yellow wire is the high beam lead and the green is the low beam. There will always be power to the green when the motocycle is running you lose power when the motor is off. The kit is using the stock AC headlight leads, blue and green to power the relay. They used to have that diagram on their website but it's gone, give Diego a call I'm sure he can get you the PDF.

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