drz stolen

Well my drz ownership has come to an abrupt end!!

Some thieving scum has stolen my bike last night, i'm well f*cked off!!!

Im mostly annoyed about the £400 worth of parts i've bought for the bike in the last month, which i wont get back on the insurance :smirk::smirk:


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sorry to see another stolen DRZ

all because lowlife wont work for themselves and this affects people who do !

i really hope you get it back

Sorry to hear that man... But next time try not to post picks with your number plate in.. Just blur it out

^wouldnt it help if someone saw it?

anyway- that sucks. hope you manage to get it back.

Sorry to hear that man... But next time try not to post picks with your number plate in.. Just blur it out

duly noted and removed

I feel your pain! Mine was jacked then luckily the cops found it 3 months later! I hope all goes well.

Bastards!! Where abouts in England you based?

Ive got mine parked inside my garage with a car right in front of the door and still dont feel like its safe

yes ,were bouts are you??

and how and were was it stolen from ??

locks,alarms etc


hope u get the old girl back...

I can't beleive how many DRZ's are going walkabouts over here!

Sorry to hear...seems like lots lately. We should all take note...

im in sheffield, it was on my drive with ground anchor and chain, padlock bust open. Tbh i dont really want the bike back now some pricks had their filthy hands on it but it looks like a couple of months b4 insurance will do anything. Im really gutted i have nothing to ride. Im really fighting the urge to go to the husky dealers with my credit card. Think i might just get my missis to hide my cards....

Absolutely gutted for you.

Been watching your Mods and the pride you have is obvious.

Hope there's a positive outcome.

it only had 1200 miles on it, it was like brand new, not to mention tail tidy, filter, zeta levers, evo fender, dynojet, and i also have a very expensive amr graphics kit which luckily i hadnt fitted yet which id only just bought this month. If i do get it back ill only strip the good bits and sell the bike.

I have some surplus bits on fleabay if anyones interested... Im going to

start saving for another bike.....


by the way ive used a thumpertalk members bike pic in my ebay ad for graphics kit, i hope he doesnt mind but ill remove it if he does, i

used it as it looks so good and i couldnt remember who's it was to ask them :-)

thanks for comments guys

well I've got a new bike in the pipe line, ktm 690sm which ill be getting next week. Can't wait :-)

the insurance was pretty easy to get sorted. So a horrible situation is much nicer now :-)

Sorry to hear about your DRZ Cringer.... but...

PLEASE post up a review of your new 690 SMC! l am VERY curious to hear what you think about your new machine (:smirk:)

got my replacement for the drz, its got a few more ponies too





i have missed my moto! :smirk:

Sweet! Ride report please.

Sweet! Ride report please.

i love it! Its powerful, solid and a pleasure to ride. I'm not sure i prefer it to the drz yet but it's early day's and i think when I've had more ride time ill be throwing round like my last bike. Engine noise is good. Really thumpy. It had a ducati 916 end can's on when i got it but i didn't like the fit so I've put the originals back on.

The exhaust is certainly an aquired taste and i think i may invest in a single can in the future

well let's hope this one don't get stolen :-(

there is money to be made ....

in the design of a theft proof locking system , no deterrants .

there is money to be made ....

in the design of a theft proof locking system , no deterrants .

You can buy a remote GPS device. Sit in front of your computer and track where and when it moves.

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