Akro for CRF250 ?

I am intending to downsize to possibly a 2010 CRF250x from my Husaberg FE570

I am selling the Berg due to injuries and future riding has to be slower and tamer, hence the 250

Anyway, I am taking the Akrapovic pipe off the Berg and want to put it on the Honda, if that's the bike I finally choose, but will it fit ??

It was originally on a KTK530EXC and it slipped straight onto the Berg, but not sure if it will do the same with the Honda ??

Forgot to add that the other 2 bikes I am thinking about are the WRF250 or the EXC250, I pose the same question for both of them as well, in regards to the Akro.

I doubt if the pipe diameter is the same. Measure the OD of the head pipe at the connection and I or someone can check it against the OD of ours X's.

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