xr650r blinker help

I just bought a xr650r that has a baja designs kit on it and is street legal. The guy i bought it from said the battery needed to be charged and the signals would work. They dont, the horn, headlight, and taillight work but the signals dont. Any ideas? I dont know alot about the wiring on a converted bike. Thanks.....the battery is just a pack with 8 aa's in it.

Is the battery charged..or are the batteries flat.

yeah batterys are charged and i also tried a bigger battery with the same results

you can disregard the batteries if the bike i running and they dont work you know its something else. 3 of my blinkers stopped working too. I suspect its the blinker relay, but have no idea how to test it.

idk if you solved your problem or not, but i just changed my relay today.

A simple "test" is to get the blinker relay out to where you have enough room to handle it. turn your blinker on and knock on the relay (or smack it with some force) it should make the blinker blink once or twice. If it does, you need a new relay, if it doesnt, there is most likely an underlying cause.

Thankfully relays are cheap and simple to change.

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