Another cast...poor technique?

As I get wrapped up in a cast, and see a 6 week (minimum) hole in my training and racing schedule, I can't help but to think that my most recent injury could have been avoided by better technique and my tale and let me know if this injury was just bad luck or an combination of bad technique and position.

I am a vet rider in b class. I have been competing for a year, and ride at least Twice a week on a track. I was invited to try the new (and not yet open to the public) nitro city motocross track in panama (country with the canal) so I jumped at the chance. While riding with a better rider to get an idea for speeds and jumps, I case a camel back jump. I recognize in the air that I am going to case it and grip hard with my problem. I have cased jumps a lot worse ( I think), Well then I land, it seems that my foot (dainty size 13) is hanging down a bit too far and strikes the dirt (first injury) Forward momentum carries the bike forward, with the peg pushing against the sole of my boot with the toe on the ground (second injury).

I have read that when landing from a jump you should have the peg under the ankle (versus on the ball of your foot). However, in this position if you are standing up and leaning forward this places your foot into the position that mine was, which has the front part of your foot angled down into a potential danger zone.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is this just the result of being big (6'5") and having too much foot flopping around? Should I ride/land with the ball of my foot on the peg? What can I do in the future to avoid this type of injury?

I always ride with ball on pegs, you can get footpeg extensions to prevent you from hyperextending on a bad landing, really if your riding a lot your strong enough to avoid that type of hyperextension injury

I'm laid up right now for another month with a broken fibula, which happened in a very similar situation to yours. Foot dug in the ground, peg came along and whacked my boot and rolled it under. I'm also 6'4" and feel like I have alot of leg hanging out there at times. I have a bad habit of having sloppy technique when warming up- say the first 5 laps or so when I first get to a track. I tend to use my leg as a counterbalance and put it in harms way - and it caught up with me. I'm mentally preparing myself to focus on keeping my feet up on the pegs and tight against the frame for when i get back out there. Also, i'm currently running the fastway pegs in the 'lowboy' position which is about 1/2" lower than stock...and I'm thinking that I'm going to put them back up to stock height- even if it means going to a tall seat for mobility.

Thanks for the reply. I have the fastway pegs and taller seat on my new bike (in shop that day). I am sure that adjustment will make my riding position more comfortable, and the larger pegs may keep my foot from angleing down as much as it is now. The more I think about the problem, the more I tend to agree with megadeth regarding riding on the balls of my feet.....It will take some training and discipline to make that change in my riding position. The downside is the risk of a hyperextension injury (I saw a young girl who rides with my kids over jump and injur herself this way), and raising my riding position even higher........some say I make my 450 look like a "little bike".

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