Chain question

Hi, does anybody know if you can take one or two links off a chain to shorten it and still use it? I'm askin because I adjust mine after every 1-2 rides and eventually when it gets stretched too much I just wondered if u could remove some links to make it shorter without having to replace it? My chain is stock too so I don't think it's as strong as aftermarket ones anyway. Thank you:thumbsup:

Yeah...You can remove links and as long as the chain is long enough to connect back will work.....But to be honest, that is just a "band aid".....It sounds like the chain is worn out........Looks like its time for a new chain and sprockets.......

Well the chain adjuster block things arent as far back as they'll go yet so it's still got quite a bit of life in it yet but i'm just checking for when it does reach that point thats all . But thanks anyway

Once your chain stretches to that degree, the chain is going to be eating your sprockets alive. If you plan on replacing the whole drivetrain (rear, cs sprockets, chain) when your deal is totally hammered...and you don't mind risking your life...yeah, I think it could work.

It's just not worth the risk to you or your bike...replace the drivetrain when the chain gets out of spec.

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