TTR250 Front wheel Spoke

Just as titled, I lost a front wheel spoke off my wheel. I was looking around, and it seems that the only way to replace it, is to buy the whole kit for 50 bucks, after shipping and such. I was hoping to find one of you guys that has already made the dive and ordered the set, and had an extra spoke laying around. I'll buy it, no big deal.

You can get the whole set for about $37 at Powersports Plus. You'll give some of that back on shipping, but save some on sales tax. They have a promo code "meetsister" that will give you another 15% off. Still more than you should have to spend for one spoke. How about checking the service department at the local dealer? Maybe they have some laying around from a repair. I don't have any better ideas.

Thanks man. I tried the local dealer thing already, no dice. I was actually surprised that they didn't have one laying around.

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