Go Pro + YZ125 = fun to watch..

I don't do face book so I guess no watcheee

Will it even let you click the link???

This video either has been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings.

why don't you just upload it to youtube?

Son of a.... Is there a way to link it directly to YouTube?? I am not gonna sit and upload it again.. It took over an hour :smirk: God I hate computers :smirk:

I love my go pro. It's a flippin' blast!

why do people insist on posting videos on facebook?


use a video site brother.

vimeo, or youtube.

go to http://tinypic.com/ and click on URL up at the top (you have to be logged into facebook) then paste the link you posted here, and click on upload. It should convert it to that site, where you can play it etc.

no facebook for me neither. :smirk:

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