Idle issue

I have a 2006 250F, and I just finished a new top end. After I put it back together, it didn't want to idle. After talking to an engine builder at Max Power RPM, he told me to just bring up the idle a little. I did that, and that seemed to work fine. The bike now idles fine, but has developed a new issue.

At idle, it runs great. It idles at a good RPM. But, if I crack the throttle open, and let off, then the idle is way too high. Or, if I'm riding, squeeze in the clutch, it idles too high. Then after a while, the idle seems to drop back down.

What could be causing this? Again, it starts fine, idles after it's warm, but then idles too high after hitting the throttle, but will eventually idle down a little.

How can I get a consistant idle?


On some engines, idel speed setting and the fuel screw is a delicate balance. Turn the idle speed knob down 1/16th of a turn, open the fuel screw 1/8th of a turn.

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