Porkies X/C 2011

The boys pulled together THE absolute best 100k I have ever raced, remarkable since we have had such a late spring... North facing slopes all had ice just below the surface.

Had camera issues so highlighted a "battle" between myself and long time riding/racing buddy. "Battle" in the most respectful oldmen love to ride type way, anyrate FIRST time I have beaten him at Porkies!

Nice going 737. Looks like a nice track , and trail they had set up. Good video , it was fun to see.

Shit, I wish I got out there. I've been itching to get out for the past month. :smirk:

Thanks guys, it was a race with nonstop GREAT trails, I had a shiteatin'grin for 3hrs and 54 mins! It actually sidetracked me from the race...

Its been raining for days here so I took a section of the race only editing out the parts where my camera fell off the mount and was taking shots of my unsightly groin...

This has all the warts of amature racing, slow,embarassing decisions, looking for flags, sitting too much etc but if you like great singletrack....:smirk:

beautiful country,thanks for posting!:smirk:

Awesome video!!!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!!!!!!!!! Made my lunch go by too quickly though. :-)

Nice video! It looked like you were racing tht KTM class on the starting line!! :smirk:

Nice vid! What class do you race in?

CaveMike think it was your day. Him proud of you. Down with 787!

CaveMike you right! My Day! 787 be good man. Lots help in lots race, no down with. Him make good fire on cold ride, roast good meat make ready for ride home. 787 woman make good soup after cold race.

SPeD66 I'm in 40b, 40A is for the guys that can go at my top speed for 3+ hrs. I'm lucky if I can maintain my top speed for 3+ mins... We don't have size classes, you race whatever you bring. Our series usually has about 150 racers a weekend from classes beginner to pro, one of these days I'll get off my sedentary ass get in shape and take a stab at 40a, truth is I don't think I have the mental capacity to stay focused on racing for that long, I start blabing like a fool, looking at the scenery and any form of pain/potential pain slows me down.

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