Anyone parting out a DRZ250?

I desperately need a 2001 (or any air-cooled year) cylinder head.

I recently found out my "ticking" noise was my intake cam literally bouncing up and down in the journal due to the previous owner over-tightening the caps:foul:

I've contacted engine dynamics and they claim it's "Damaged beyond repair"

Ebay has nothing, and I've contacted every salvage yard I could find, with no luck.

I'm really hoping someone might have a used cylinder head to sell me, as I don't feel like forking out $600 on a new one

Thanks in advance!

Well, long story short, I have another head coming:banana:

I am now wondering if I could use the old cam chain? With the intake cam moving up and down, I'm sure the chain has been "worked" pretty good.

Would I be risking the chain breaking and causing the piston to arrive uninvited to a valve party...?

Thanks in Advance!

The old cam chain is not an item to save money on. Get a new one!

I am looking for a 2005 drz250 working carb for sale if anyone has any idea where I could find one I would be very very thankful. another question does anyone know if any other carb would work? this forum has been very helpful so far, lots of very smart guys here! thanks everyone

Nathan, Mikuni TM33 pumper fits strait on. Lots of people on here has done this as a mod. Just search TM33 for more info

i have one i am parting out. what do you need ?

The old cam chain is not an item to save money on. Get a new one!

yes, this. Go ahead and get a new chain, they're relatively cheap, and you already have the thing opened anyway.

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