Strange ping/bang from inside

I have a 250sx that has a occasional ping or banging noise when held at part throttle when i am warming the bike. It can also be felt in the handle bars. The noise is not consistent or rhythmic but it happens often. I am not familiar with 250's so this may be normal.

What do you think?


Its normal engine noise trying to clean out after startup. It would better and less strain on the motor to just blip the throttle until you can ride it and clean it out under load.

alright, thank you

You are welcome. It is also possible to cold sieze the motor by revving too soon. 300s do like to warm up a bit before revving more so than a 250. Free revving is never a good idea. Its much better on the motor to have a load. You are not alone I hear people free rev their cold motors all the time. A bad habit picked up along the way.

I think some of you are getting the wrong idea.., I am bring up the RPM above idel, but no where near opening it up, maybe 1800 RPM or so. I do appriciat the concern, it will help the bike live longer.



I love it when guys unload their bike , start it up and wring its neck immediately .

Makes my hair stand on end.

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