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Atv AtoMX Ignition Booster

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Just a quick technical thread on the TaKaI AtoMX Ignition Booster. There is a CDI version and an inductive version so this post will give some good general information on both.

With all electrical systems there are a variety of issues that should be addressed for maximum performance. The AtoMX is one of those devices that resolves a host of issues as well as providing proven performance benefits for ignition systems.

Common electrical subsystems all rely on the quality of the electrical signal and the stability of the voltage provided to the system. As with all electronics it is impossible to receive maximum performance (in our case spark output) if the voltage at the ignition coil input is loaded down, fluctuating and prone to noise (noise being unwanted AC or transient voltages in the DC circuit, in order for DC energy to work well it should have no fluctuation in output).

Typically when a heavy load (loads are connected to the battery or stator and cause voltage drops) such as an ignition system are hooked up to a small battery or stator power drop can occur. This results in an overall loss of energy to the connected ignition system, increased engine load on the stator or alternator and lost engine performance because it needs to provide more energy to these systems.

The TaKaI AtoMX effectively adds a secondary voltage regulation circuit and quality low loss components to allow for fast high energy discharge events without adding any unnecessary load to the stator / alternator or batteries in any system. This allows for reduced engine loads when high demands are placed on the system as well as increased ignition voltage for higher output spark events.


Since the input power on the ignition coil is regulated to a higher value it this higher voltage is applied to the coil during it's charge / discharge cycle allowing for a hotter output spark. Higher input voltage also means higher potential output voltage and a hotter spark event. The more energy we can supply to the ignition coils the hotter the resulting output spark will be. Typical systems rely on mechanical energy process and / or a large battery with a potentially high ESR. This has 2 drawbacks. The first being that the battery or the alternator (mechanical energy supply) cannot supply the energy to the ignition system fast enough to provide stable ignition performance. The AtoMX enhances the performance of this system allowing for extremely fast discharge rates. This allows the ignition benefits by being able to supply high bursts of electricity when the rest of the electrical system cannot meaning your ignition system also gets all the energy it needs at all times.


In ALL modern day vehicles what is required is clean power to and from all electronic devices for computer controlled devices to work properly. Erratic energy and voltage signals are a significant source of electronic issues referred to as EMI and RFI interferences. The AtoMX is also designed to provides this additional enhancement of reducing ignition related interference noise in all other areas of the electronics.

The internal circuitry of the AtoMX effectively analysis the input power and then determines if the power in the system is noise or if it is not. If the AtoMX determines that the input power is not proper for the system it effectively analysis the input stream, and dumps interference energy back into the charging system to be "recycled" allowing these devices to work more effectively / efficiently. This also reduces the load on the stator and charging system which as an added benefit frees up engine horsepower.

In this process unwanted RFI and EMI noise interferences are eliminated allowing the onboard electronics to operate more effectively. Many high voltage spikes are eliminated, ringing and oscillations in the system are dramatically reduced and DC energy is more stable.

TaKaI's AtoMX Ignition Booster seemlessly integrates with our ignition coil on many applications and is 90% plug and play. The only wire that will require mounting is the included ground strap.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask or contact us at support@takai-racing.com


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