White Brothers Exhaust Eseries XR400

Hey Folks,

I scored a White Bros. E Series Exhaust for about $45.00 on fleaBay. It says the packing is fine - but I will probably repack just to be sure. I am a newbie and not much of a mechanic...

Repack must be pretty straight forward - buy a kit and put it in - right? Can I purchase kits based on specific db levels? I live in MA so Im sure I need to be extra quiet...

The real question: Its a "slip on" muffler - will I need to mess with the carbs? Carb work scares me and the bike runs nice now - I dont want to mess it up.

I just bought this beacause it seemed cheap, I would like a simple project, a little power boost would be welcome - and really - I want it to sound cool!

Thanks for your help,


I have been running my WB E Series pipe for about 3 years now. It has never been repacked, so I can't help you there. But, I did not have to do any carb adjustments. Keep in mind, I was running the '96 exhaust tip before switching to the WB.

As for noise, I was just testsed last weekend at the VCMC Enduro. The testers told me as I pulled up to the test area that I would have trouble meeting the requirement. It measured 95.2dB, so I passed by .8dB.


How tightly you wrap the packing has more affect on sound level. Looser wrap will be quieter but probably blow out a little faster. Tighter will be louder. Plan to re pack once a year if you do any riding at all.

Jets are simple to swap, not much you can mess up. Pull off the float bowl (don't loose the white plastic splash gaurd) and the pilot and mains are right there. Pilot is closest to the motor. Get a 60 pilot and 160 main and you'll be really close. Stock 2001 jetting will be very lean. You won't get any power improvement without the richer jetting. Just more noise. Dont put the pipe on untill you have the jets also. :smirk:

The silencer discs make a big difference in sound level. I honestly could not feel any increase in power after adding discs (and jetting). It just made a lot more noise -- way too much for my ears. I believe I settled on seven or eight discs. Never had it sound-checked.

When repacking, be sure to use steel rivets. Even with those, keep an eye on them. I lost my E-Series core when the rivets failed and the core shot out onto the freeway.

I hope that came with some kind of mid-pipe..I didnt see one is the reason that I didnt bid on it..You will have to cut your stock pipe or buy something to join your new pipe to the header...Thats the way it looks to me..:smirk:

my 400 came with an E series. it also came with an adjustable needle and had already been rejetted. i couldnt be happier, smooth power no matter what elevation im at.

yeah, do not run it without rejetting. FOR SURE, you open up the exhaust, it leans out the mixture. the last thing you want is to run it too lean so that it overheats your engine. There is a thread going on here somewhere where the guy did that and it melted his piston and valves and now he is looking at several hundred dollars to get it fixed.

Thanks guys - I figured it was so cheap - I can let it sit until I want to tackle the connection an jetting...

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