graphics to get for my 07'?

i have an 07' and i have one industries graphics on top of miltary green plastics, and i dont want to pay for all new plastics so i need to fine new graphics that would look ok with miltary green? the one industries shroud graphics are starting to peel so need some new ones soon. open to suggestions, thing that sucks is i hate putting them on

There is alot of graphic companies to choose from. I use Flatout mx, you can change the plastic color to see what the graphics will look more like.

thanks guys

thanks guys

decalmx is having an online "garage sale" some complete semi custom kits for $49.95 and shroud kits for $19.95

Where on decalmx are these sale prices? all I see is the 200 dollar semi custom kits..

Where on decalmx are these sale prices? all I see is the 200 dollar semi custom kits..

Here is the link. They are already made and you can't add to them, but a good price. They have some front fenders for kxf's too.

I did see find them, got the email from them shortly after you mentioned it. No sense in my putting graphics on my 11 when the thing won't run.

thats the kit i got the bike with its a plaid set that comes with the plastics that sets what the previous owner bought, i wihs i could find a way to buy the graphics only i like them there just peeling a little bit, and i dont feel like having a another set of plastics i already have and another seat i already have

If its just peeling a little i would get that 3m glue and reglue the graphics down. I did that to a yz 250 bike that I had and the graphics look like new after. The glue is really awesome.

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