Need help Identifying motor 400/426

Like I said, I bought this bike on last firday and the seller said it was a 2001 426, but then later I have run the vin and found that the frame is a 1998 400. My question is what do I have at least motor wise, the numbers on the motor arn't matching up with either motor, from what I know. Please let me know if you guys have any idea. Thanks!!!







5be is the engine code for the 400f their should be a number on the right side of the cylinder on the front by the header that will tell the cc's.

That bike looks to be a 98' YZ400f, what does the pink/registration paperwork say?

That bike looks to be a 98' YZ400f, what does the pink/registration paperwork say?

that is what i would think to.. i dont think any 426's had frame mounted hot start's (the black knob on the frame behind the carb with "pull" on it )

also iirc, my 99 400, that knob was red, not black..

The bike is pretty definitely a YZ400. The question is whether the engine is or not. The cast-in size number on the right front of the cylinder is your best clue.

Yes I ran the vin and it was a 98 400, but the po was pretty damn sure it was a 426, but I could still imagine the po being wrong. I will be checking the cc numbers on the cylinder tomorrow. Thank for the input guys!

I checked it this morning and it is most definately a 1998 YZ 400F. I am a little disappointed, but idk what do you guys think. I got it for $1800 in Fairbanks, AK.

Sorry to say but that price sounds a little high to me.

Sounds a little expensive, but if it runs and rides good that's a plus. Really if you like it that's all that matters. Good luck with it.

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