2010 SX50 will not start - timing? - new electrical components

I have a friend that has a 2010 SX50 that will not start. They have cleaned carb, checked reeds, installed new coil & stator. They have even rebuilt the topend. It has 150psi compression. I'm not sure what started this situation, but was wondering what the odds were that it may have "jumped" timing? I noticed that the timing mark or "line" is almost inline with the crankshaft -nearly straight up when the piston is very near TDC. I was thinking that this "mark" should be at nor near the stator "trigger". When the mark is at the "trigger" the crankshaft is nearly 90* away from TDC. Is there something that I am not seeing here? At nearly 90* away from TDC, there is no way the bike can begin to ignite the fuel/air mixture.

Does anyone have any technical data? I can't find any timing or technical data.


It does have spark. The kill switch circuit has been eliminated. Which marks? I can see the timing line in the rotor. Is the timing line on the stator the green dot on the leftmost side of the stator?

On most 2-strokes you aline the marks. If has compression, fuel and spark it should start. But if the piston was put in backwards it won't. I would check to see if the arrow is pointing to the exhaust port.

I wasn't part of the new top end assembly. I will have them check the piston. I still unsure of the actual timing marks on the new style KTM SX50.


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