New 3 Palms Video- GP Track

Check out my new video of me riding at 3 palms. (don't worry i'm joking with my gf at the begining haha) The "getting pitted" reference is to the second video post.....its pretty hilarious.:smirk:

Feel free to comment and rate!


that track looks like a ton of fun.

That track is so much fun. Its pretty wide open so you can fly around the track

The track looks great. It would help if you would raise the angle of your camera as there is too much time spent seeing only dirt. It will help with that "straining to see ahead" feeling while watching your video.

@freds4 - i just found out that it looks like its pointed down because when i loaded it on youtube i loaded it as wide angle and it cut off a ton off the top and bottom. i compared the youtube version with my original and its a world of difference. the original you can see really far ahead. i'll try to reload it later.

I might be relocating to the woodlands for work down the road. That place looks awesome! How many tracks do they have at 3 palms?

@redrider - i believe they have 5 or 6. The extreme, river, GP, supercross, and woods tracks are the ones i'm familiar with. they might have another one but i'm not sure. that place is seriously the best place to ride i've ever been in that area. you won't be disappointed.

That track looks sick !!

Damn, I need to get my ass over to the states as soon as possible !! haha

Well all I can say is my wife certainly wouldn't be sitting in the back of the truck waiting while I ride my bike. :smirk:

What a great track you must be 4th gear wot going down the straightaway:banana:


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