2007 RM 250 rear shock rebound

What do you guys run your rear rebound at? I am at 3 out, and would still like it a little slower. The bike came with a stiffer rear spring, and it is on the edge of being to stiff for me... probably why I am having to run the rebound in so much.

stiffer spring needs more " slower" rebound to compensate

Are you sure the shock is working? Need rebuild? If turning the clickers all the way in is not enough, and the shock is good, you will need a softer spring. Clicker setting is a matter of preference for each rider. Adjust them to what feels best for you, not what others are running. Too many factors to have different settings between different riders.

Read this and see if a light comes on.


3 clicks out does not sound right for an RM. The valving seems to work well between 8 and 12 for most riders. I think you maybe adjusting the wrong way to fix what you think is a problem.

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