Shelton 2-Day Fun Run


The famous Shelton Valley 2 day fun run in Shelton Washington is scheduled for this coming weekend. 2 and 4 wheels are allowed with several courses designed for all abilities.

More details:

Dr. Dirtrider

I'd like to request sunshine and mid seventies for temps please

Weather is supposed to be so-so. But it is worth it to ride at shelton.

Sounds like we'll get at least some sunshine, but a few showers as well. All in all, pretty good riding conditions. No Dust!!!

I notice there is NO mention of sound check, recently purchase a 2 smoke and planning to use it on the poker run. I have no way to check the bikes before the weekend. Can anyone confirm this?


They did a sound check last year.

Our agreement to use these trails is that we'll require ORV tabs (or a license plate), a spark arrestor, and do a sound test. My experience is that if you have a muffler that includes a spark arrestor, you are generally going to pass the sound test - unless all the packing is blown out.

The good news on that front is that we are going to have vendors in attendence at this years Fun Run that will be selling limited parts and accessories, including muffler packing. So we may have you covered, if you encounter a problem with the sound test.

If your tires are looking a bit worn, there will also be special deals on tires, and a tire changing service will be available. I think we are also going to have suspension tuning and setup specialists on hand.

This looks like a great time about to happen! I've been privileged to ride some private single track in that vicinity before and it was just plain awesome. If this is half as good it's worth the time and fees to come and play.

All nma sanctioned events will perform sound check or pay a fine. We choose to do soundcheck to comply and to respect the landowners around the area.


If I have to pay the fine, how much?


If I have to pay the fine, how much?


I think he's referring to the club paying the State if they don't test the bikes.

It's to the NMA if you do not do the sound test, and you are right, it's to the club, not to the individual rider. The club must pay an additional $100.00 to the NMA if they do not perform a sound test at their event.

That is on top of the $3.00 per rider fee that they are charged by the NMA for having an NMA event.

If I have to pay the fine, how much?


It`s typically cheaper to buy silencer packing.

If your bike is too loud. Leave it home or better yet, scrap it.

No excuse for stupid loud bikes.

:thumbsup:Man those guys put on a hell of an event, 3 of us ripped the 41 mile long course today. Trails were perfect, no rain, well organized event. Thanks for that:ride:

Good weather, awesome dirt and mud today, one lake, great event and great people(except one), all around good show today!

That was my first time doing that ride, have to say it was UBER FUN even though we were riddle with bike problems. We did the extra loop and got it in 57 miles. The staff was all friendly, and trails were a nice change of pace from what we have been riding!!

Mason County Search and Rescue knows how to make a mean Chili Cheese Burger too!!!!

Awesome ride and awesome trails, most fun I have had on my bike in a very long time...perfect way to spend my birthday, great present, thanks guys. Great event

Awesome event! Conditions were great and the 40 mile bike loop was a blast. Did a few bozo soil samples but all part of the fun. PSER folks know how to do it right!

Here's to the ATV and family riders who were kind enough to pull over for us wannabes!

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